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Why PAN College?

PAN College provides an innovative educational proposal with the following main advantages.

1. Degrees

  • We support registered students of:
  • Full acknowledgment of the degrees by the State according to the law 3328 article 4, 1 April 2005 
  • Same quality of programmes and same standards of awards with studies in London (QAA)
  • Accredited MBA by the Association of MBAs
  • You study exactly your first personal choice
  • Degrees worldwide recognised, after 150 years of leading experience
  • All students whether they study in the UK or overseas assessed to the same standard
  • Exams are taken in the country of study and marked by academics in the UK

2. Economy

  • Gain a degree from University of London in Greece
  • You live at your place, no travel, no new accomodation
  •  Flexible studies - you can work at the same time

3. Time

  • Flexible Timetable: BSc in 3 to 8, MSc in 1 to 5 and MBA in 2 to 5 years
  • You do not loose exams because of strikes etc

4. Blended education: Distance learning and Face to Face

  • Face to Face (on campus) : student life,  speech, collectivity, creativity
  • Distance learning : individualised schedule - you choose how and when you study, virtual group excercises in real time

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