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PAN College has carefully examined the characteristics of on-campus learning and those of distance learning and has come up with a system which on the one hand overcomes them as much as possible and on the other hand emphasises on their advantages.


Traditional Learning

On-campus learning system is ideal for embracing the student, making the studies a full time concern. In addition, it promotes team work, social behaviour and student life. The main problem with this approach is the lack of spare time. When considering that on-campus learning is usually full time, especially in the Greek Universities, it is even more difficult for the students to work at the same time, or/and follow other activities and hobbies they might have.

On the other hand, distance learning gives the ability to the students to enjoy the, valuable in our era, extra free time. There is great flexibility in the years of study (from 3 to 8 for a Bachelor degree) and the student is able to study at his own pace. Apart from the obvious disadvantage of not having a student life at all, another one has been discovered in reality. It has been quite common for students, especially but not exclusively to younger ages, to abandon their studies after a few months or a year. The majority of people require some form of pressure in order to be kept motivated. The harder the task, the bigger the need for supervision becomes. The idea of someone checking on you drives you to better results. >>>

PAN College Method

PAN College implements a unique system to ensure that you will have the opportunity to complete your degree by studying with the flexibility you desire.

Students will have access to all the asynchronous material provided from the University in which they study. The courses and lectures are designed from professors with international recognition from the two Universities.

On top of that, a group of tutors is assigned to small groups of students in Greece. Our tutors are academically fully qualified to provide excellent support to every student and to ensure the success of every motivated individual. They are responsible to provide on-campus tutoring with the method of round table, but also virtual classroom tutoring using specialist software through the web, to a group as well as to individual students.

The group and the individual arrange their timetable with their tutor and besides that, the student can organise his own time as he wishes.

By this way, you are able to complete your studies in a difficult but also worldwide recognised and acknowledged university, without even having to leave your home or your occupation.

The main benefits can be summarised below:

  • Nationally (DOATAP) and internationally recognised degrees.
  • The degrees are proof of academic excellence for every employer
  • Flexible studies: Study at your own pace – Work at the same time
  • Student life by on-campus attendance
  • Personal session through virtual classroom with our tutors
  • Group session through virtual classroom with our tutors

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