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A new proposal seeks a significant position in the offers provided by our educational institutions. PANDIDAKTIRION (www.pandidaktirion.gr) sees itself as an attempt investing on the advantages of the system and preventing its drawbacks, where possible.

For this reason a cooperation was established with the greatest, in terms of importance and quality, universities of the East and the West that have a European orientation. These universities bear the exclusive academic responsibility for the studies and their powerful degrees.

The educational process between English tutors and students takes place based on transparent and clear procedures, including evaluation, promotion and awarding of the external degrees by the University of London. These degrees are absolutely equivalent with those awarded further to studies held in London, based on repeated documented studies and certifications by the pertinent body of the United Kingdom, the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA).

The orders of L. 3328 / 2005 / art. 4 regarding the acknowledgment of the degrees’ equivalency by DOATAP are strictly abided to, and the relative practice has been a worldwide innovation by the University of London FOR OVER 150 YEARS!

Thus, work is combined with studies throughout life.
In addition to the administrative care, everything that is necessary to complete the students’ personality and multiply their abilities is provided by us, with exercises in speech, personal action and collectiveness.
To this purpose, we apply the diachronic laws of actions in pairs, brainstorming, round tables and switching the roles of teacher and student. Since of course: “To teach is to learn better”.

New technologies are fully exploited and the following are combined: individual studies – personal sessions – virtual classroom – material classroom with groups of peers (round table), thus saving considerable time and money.
Perspective: A freely developing, non-localized knowledge network.
Result: The free promotion of the links between education and society, education and production, education and research, education and innovation.

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