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Pandidaktirion - OPEN TO THE COMMUNITY

Within the general fogginess and “as we climb on the all-black hill burnt by the arsons” (National Anthem), we start to smile.
The issue of Education is at the forefront and will not leave this place until original, long-and almost unanimous solutions are implemented. It is certain that the young people will not allow any evasion. It is an issue of survival, an issue of breath.

The PANDIDAKTIRION proposal simplifies things while it drastically raises the bar. It debunks the concept of “degree” which along with the obsession of a “roof” have been exhausting the young Greeks for decades.

To earn a serious professional right, you need to be the owner of a specific package of knowledge, accredited by transparent examinations. The fastest, safest and cheapest way to acquire those is via e-learning. That is why many significant institutions provide independent studies exclusively via distance learning. In addition, today almost all institutions employ this method as one of their tools. It is touching that from the very first year in High School, the Google fellowship is starting to release the young children from the tyranny of memorization.

We saw this beautiful reality guaranteed by the technological revolution. We did not make the mistake of re-discovering gunpowder. We have traced the worldwide leader of distance learning, 150 years back! It is the University of London, with a federation structure of 19 Universities and 10 research Institutes. We collaborated with them, as we did in the most significant country with regard to Energy, with the Modern University for the Humanities in Moscow, with 200.000 students, 628 departments. It is the largest private university in the world, also developing satellite education.

But we live in the birthplace of Knowledge. One cannot pin down the young people, the ever young people, behind a screen. The Greek is a holistic man: He transmits Speech. He needs to exercise in collectiveness. He has passion for self-knowledge, through the mirror of a companion. He has the right to empirically experience the action power of a pair, the creativity and determination of a “round table” this something which made the transition from mythology to science here. Thus, parallel actions by proficient tutors coordinate the team, the dynamic of which succeeds the Teacher-guru. The post-graduate duties selected compliment the students’ aims, when the right time comes for each of them.

The PANDIDAKTIRION proposal is acknowledged by the State with law 3328/2005 complying with article 16 of the Constitution and providing post-high school education and training based on L. 3696/2008. Its degrees are equivalent with those of studies in London, based on the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) approval.

Significant companies seek ways to maximize their benefit from our proposal and raise the “epicenters” of their corporate pyramid, a 5% according to Gauss, which will also cause the increase of the whole.

Parents congratulate us on our initiative, not only because they are spared the large expenses for the studies of their offspring, but also because they are not forced to miss their smiles and the finest years of their creative maturation.

What we seek though is the acceptance of others: the acceptance of the Young people to whom we give the step.

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