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“We want EVERYTHING, we want PAN”

Article 16 of the Constitution was established for reasons which may never be removed. Law 3328/05 is of course compatible to the Costitution.

Based on that, the PANDIDAKTIRION proposal covers the particularities of the Greek system legally and provides degrees by the two greatest European Universities, the UNIVERSITY OF LONDON and the MODERN UNIVERSITY FOR THE HUMANITIES of Moscow, with 4 different ways of acknowledgment:

1. By the DOATAP, based on the above
2. By the Ministry of Education, according to ministerial decision 76604/Δ6/2009
3. By the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) of the United Kingdom 
4. By the Association of MBAs
Already, PANDIDAKTIRION has proceeded to operating the following first laboratories under the General Direction of Professor Zach. Volikas:
1. Brain Research,
2. Wind Energy,
3. Solar Energy,
4. Networks Research

In late October the President of the MUH Professor Karpenko will honor our country by arriving for the celebratory signing of our agreement.
Ambitious enterprises seek ways to maximize their benefit from our proposal and raise the “epicenters” of their corporate pyramid, a 5% according to Gauss, which will also lead to the increase of the whole.

Those interested in the above, can use the registration form in our website to register in the PANDIDAKTIRION Members with no charge.
“We want EVERYTHING, we want PAN”

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