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Educational vacation

Invitation to an encounter of the Everlasting with the Present.

Hellenic civilization has more than any other influenced the spiritual inheritance of Humanity. This is proven by scientific methods, written documents and monuments and not by speculations or suppositions.

In this meaning, we can say without hesitation : "Really we are, all of us in the Occident, Greeks". Yet the Hellenic presence is vivid and essential not only in the classical antiquity, but is uninterruptedly making itself felt from prehistoric times until now.

In Lombarda, in ancient «Lamptrai»( that means "radiating the light") through a meticulous introspection, a sharp and exact “know thyself”, we are pin-pointing the timeless characteristics of the Hellenic identity. We recognize the Everlasting and we place it in the unconditional service of the Present.

This will permit to all of us to better understand the meaning of the present marvelous age. The essential aim of our vacational programs is to invite young people from Europe to join their enthousiasm with our timid forces. This will be a helpful for the participation in the feast of the universal fraternity of the peoples, which has already began.

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